Here are some useful websites on information about the following topics.


iPortal – Indigenous Studies Portal Research Tool

Legacy of Hope – a resource on the history and legacy of residential schools.

Turtle Island Native Network

Union of BC Indian Chiefs – Resources

Career and Education Planning

Education Planner BC

Reference Website for Teens – a website organized by subjects, suitable for Grades 8-9.

World Digital Library – a database of primary source documents, accompanied by extensive visuals.


Sparticl– the best science on the web.

Social Studies

A Developing World – a world map and the ability to create comparative graphs.

British Library: Middle Ages – illustrated resource focuses on illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages held by the British Library

CanLII – Canadian Legal Information Institute (Law 12).

Canada History Project – Background information on Canadian history.

Canadian Museum of History – extensive collection of online exhibitions on various aspects of Canadian history and culture.

Chinese Canadian Stories – Stories, Databases, Chronology, Resources, and Videos.

Komagata Maru: Continuing the Journey – a comprehensive overview of the historical incident of the Komagata Maru.

Museum of Anthropology – online exhibitions, view over 7,000 authentic First Nations artifacts in the online collection.

Online Tour of Canadian Parliament – Virtual tour of Parliament.

Royal BC Museum: Learning Portal – Online exhibits focus on BC culture and history.

Smithsonian Education – lesson plans and activities.

Virtual Museum of Canada – Digital source of stories and experiences.